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Season 2 

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Looking for inspiration to bring your leadership to another level? In the second season of the Empower Your Team podcast, Cloé Caron welcomes renowned guests that will let us in on their biggest managing struggles and how they overcame themEvery week, Cloé will share her coaching tools for you to actively use in your daily life as a leader! Concretepractical and inspiring, this podcast will definitely make a difference in the way you contribute in the futureWhether you’re an executive, manager, human resource professional or team member in any business sphere, have a listen if you wish to surpass yourself! 

Episode 01 

The 5C model to empower your team 

With Cloé Caron, President & Founder of o2Coaching. 

Available April 20th

Episode 02 

An impact bigger than yourself thanks to a clear vision

ith Anie Rouleau, Founder and Directing Officer, The Unscented Company 

Available April 27th

Episode 03 

Diversity: More than just a quota 

With Karl Tabbakh, managing partner,  Quebec Region, McCarthy 

Available Mai 4th

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Season 01 

Adjust your perspective! 

Are you tired of falling into the same traps? Into the recurring behaviors that are well known to most managers? Such as difficulty delegating, allowing our team to take full responsibility for their activities, and many others! Despite our experience, our expertise, and all our will, these reflexes are deeply rooted and mixed in with our day-to-day seems to lead us directly back to these behaviors. Through our podcasts, you will discover simple and practical tools to avoid such drawbacks and focus on the small changes that enable great results! 

Episode 01

Leadership around the globe

With Paul Lirette, President, GSK Japan

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Episode 02

Winning conditions for a team

With Manon Brouillette, Former president of Videotron

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Episode 03

The undeniable connection between personal growth and business results

With Natalie Brown, Senior Director, Legal Affairs, Desjardins Group

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Episode 04 

Leading with head, heart and guts

With Françoise E. Lyon, President and Managing Partner, DGC Capital

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Episode 05

The keys to adapt your communication 

With Ève Laurier, General Manager, Edelman Montréal

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Episode 06

Operating at our highest strategic level

With Patricia Gauthier, Head, Vaccines Business Unit, GSK Canada

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Episode 07

Being at your best self

With Fionnuala Doyle, Senior Vice President, Global Head Commercial and Regions at Biocon Biologics

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Episode 08

Leadership styles

With Grégoire Baillargeon, Managing Director and Co-Head, BMO Capital Markets, Quebec

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Épisode 09

Integrating a new leader role in this challenging Covid context 

With Jan-Fryderyk Pleszczynski, CEO par interim, Dare To Care Records 

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Episode 10

The strongest team climates start with a leader-coach approach with Sara Leclerc

With Sara Leclerc, Global Marketing Director, GSK

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Episode 11

Recognizing the strengths of women in leadership with Caroline Codsi

With Caroline Codsi, President and Founder, La Gouvernance au Féminin

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Episode 12

Being present and mindful to boost your efficiency with Lisa Stedel-Smith

With Lisa Stedel-SmithLeadership & Organizational Development Leader, CAE 

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Épisode 13

Staying on track for success

With Nicolas Gaudreau, Brand builder, C-level executive, corporate director, teacher

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Executive coach, founding-president of o2 Coaching, speaker and author, Cloé Caron has helped hundreds of leaders and their teams improve their strategic posture and team effectiveness.

With her podcast, she wishes to inspire leaders to know the impact of their influence, to encourage others to excel and to mobilize their team towards common goals. Through the most powerful themes of her book - such as: the Unique Strategic Contribution (CSU), ego, empathy, vulnerability, team effectiveness, trust, delegation, vision, culture and many others - she is committed to helping you develop your thinking in the way you position yourself for your own benefit and that of your team.

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