Podcast season 2 - E09 - For a confident leadership: it starts from within with Isabelle Dessureault

podcasts Jun 15, 2021

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The Ability to Lead Others Starts With The Ability to Know Yourself. Who are you? What do you value? What do you stand for? Strong leaders understand themselves and what their vision and goals are. The quality of a leader is reflected by the values they set for themselves and hold for others. Investing in yourself is investing in your people. It’s a full circle. Isabelle and Cloé discuss on how leaders must know and understand themselves to have the ability to empower others.


Special Guest 

Isabelle Dessureault worked for 25 years as a leader in the private sector within Quebec business flagships: as Partner of Cabinet NATIONAL, the largest public relations firm in Canada, as Vice-President of Corporate Affairs & Content Marketing and President of the Matv channel at Videotron, the largest telecom in Quebec and more. In her current tittle, she helps promote Quebec in Spain, Portugal and Andorra.  With her team, she aims to propel Quebec businesses, organizations and creators in the Iberian Peninsula.  She has served on numerous boards of directors and advisory committees, including that of the John-Molson School of Business and the multidisciplinary theater Usine C for example.


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