Podcast : Episode 8 - Optimal leadership styles to navigate in a context of crisis with Grégoire Baillargeon

podcasts Nov 05, 2020

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The biggest mistake leaders make is to believe that managing with the same leadership style, no matter that the situation, will allow them to achieve the desired results. In a constantly changing environment, adapting to the situation, to employees, collaborators, partners and showing agility is essential to having the desired impact! Grégoire Baillargeon shares his point of view on the importance of learning, developing and trying out new ways of doing things as a leader, despite a natural tendency towards a particular leadership style! 

Special guest

Grégoire Baillargeon has been Managing Director and Co-Head, BMO Capital Markets for over 15 years and sits on numerous boards of directors. He is also very involved in several social causes that are dear to his heart, such as children's health and the arts.

Find out more about about him by clicking here.

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