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Podcast season 2 - E05 - A team without trust isn't really a team

podcasts May 18, 2021

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The modern leader doesn't always have to be right, quite the contrary actually. Creating a work environment where it's possible to express yourself and say what you think should be the objective of the leader. How do you, as a leader, cultivate the necessary trust to enable everyone in your team to express themselves? In this episode, Xavier Mufraggi details how his organization and himself have an impact on millions of individuals - with trust being at the heart of their approach.

Special guest 

Xavier began his career with a seven-year stint with Kraft Foods in marketing, commercial and product development. Xavier then joined Club Med as the Marketing and Digital Director and after just three years with the company, was promoted to CEO of Club Med North America overseeing 3,000 employees from 15 countries. His most recent position was CEO of Club Med Europe Middle East Africa markets, a region delivering $1.3B revenue per year which accounts for 70% of Club Med worldwide revenue and he is now CEO of YPO.


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