Podcast: Episode 3 - The undeniable connection between personal growth and business results with Natalie Brown

Sep 30, 2020

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 As leaders we must first start by developing ourselves in order to grow our team and organization. The key to this development, according to Natalie Brown, is to step out of your comfort zone. Continually evolve because one must adapt and learn new things! And for our team to succeed, we have to create the climate that allows it. That's when the results kick in!   

Special Guest

Natalie has an extraordinary energy and curiosity. It's exceptional to see her enthusiasm for learning! She is the perfect example of a manager who has kept her beginner's mindset. Despite her exptensive experience, she takes nothing for granted and is committed to her personal development in the pursuit of continuous improvement as a person and as a team leader. We wanted to discuss with her how her personal development has helped her to empower her team and the results of her organization!  

Discover all the details of his career by clicking here

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