Podcast : Episode 2 - Winning conditions for a team with Manon Brouillette

Sep 23, 2020

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As a manager, you’ll notice individual needs set aside the more you buildup your team’s confidence. According to Manon Brouillette, former president of Videotron, when focusing together on the challenges we face, the more we are willing to share our opinion and be vulnerable, and therefore become more successful as a team! How can we develop this trust? How can a leader make a difference? We discuss this in this episode!

Special Guest

Having held the position of President of Videotron for several years and now serving as an advisor on several administrative boards, Manon Brouillette is a seasoned leader who is known for her curiosity to learn and her authenticity. She is not afraid to call on the expertise of her employees which has enabled her to develop highly performing teams, who geneuinly share feedback.

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