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Podcast season 3 - Lucie Houle & Denis Olaïzola

podcasts Nov 05, 2021
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Podcast season 3 - Lucie Houle & Denis Olaïzola

Digital Transformation at National Bank

(episode available in French)



Transforming the corporate culture... of a bank! This is the incredible challenge that Lucie Houle and Denis Olaizola, accompanied by their colleagues at National Bank, have taken on. Internal communications, decision-making processes and risk management are just some of the complex issues that have been reviewed by the Culture and Talent Department. The result? An organization aligned with its values that proves that by unleashing a team's creativity, you can accomplish anything.

Specials Guests

An organizational psychologist, Lucie Houle began her career in mental health before joining National Bank. Lucie has supported several business sectors in their workforce strategies and transformation projects. She is recognized as an accessible, genuine, and committed leader.

Click here for all details of his career path. 

Denis Olaïzola is a transformation leader at National Bank. He has more than 30 years of experience as a manager in various areas of operations and projects in the financial field. Unleashing the full potential of our leaders is what he's passionate about.

Click here for all details of his career path.

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