Podcast season 3 - Arnaud Granata

podcasts Oct 15, 2021
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Podcast season 3 - Arnaud Granata

Beyon failure : choosing yourself to succeed with Arnaud Granata

(episode available in french)



"Take courses for yourself, to help with your professional developpement!" That's the message provided by Arnaud Granata, President of the Infopresse Group, recognized for his communication and marketing training programs. Speaking at Confession of Leaders, Arnaud and Cloe discuss the role of culture in a leader's developpement, the importance of "soft skills" and the underrated role of failure.

 Special Guest 

Arnaud Granata is resident of the Infopresse group, a communication and marketing institution. With more than 300 courses and 20 conferences, Infopresse provides Quebec businesses with the opportunity to develop their teams' full potential.
Arnaud Granata is also an author. His most recent book, "Le pouvoir de l'échec" (The Power of Failure) is available in bookstores.

Click here for all details of his career path.


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