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For professionals who want to generate value for their organization and be considered a key player.

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As an HR professional, have you ever wondered how to develop your STRATEGIC POSTURE?

This program will provide you with the tools to develop your strategic posture and will lead you to take actions to make this posture a reality within your organization and with your clients.

What will this program bring me?

This program will provide you with the necessary tools to develop your strategic posture and will lead you to take action to make this posture a reality within your organization and with your customers.

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Training content

We offer three (3) training modules for you to complete. Each of the modules is divided into training sessions and includes videos, self-assessments, action plans, podcasts and self-paced readings.

It all starts with yourself
what is leadership
what am I doing?
  • Define your goals

  • Adapt your behaviors

  • Work mindfully

  • Manage with head, heart and courage

  • Choose the right mindset

Develop coaching skills
to maximize
your HR interventions
  • Adopt a relevant style

  • Adjust your communications

  • Really listen

  • Ask the right questions

  • Adopt a coaching posture

Transforming its posture and influencing its customers in their transformation
  • Choose your priorities
  • Provide feedback to customers
  • Dare difficult conversations
  • Take control of your posture
  • Measure your progress

Live the o2 experience

Forget everything you know about online training since we have designed an innovative ecosystem for HR professionals who want to have concrete tools to operate their transformation.

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How it works ?

Access the online program where you can follow your training, measure your progress, chat with a private community of practice and benefit from individual coaching sessions.

Tools and jigs

A participant's notebook accompanies you to each of our sessions. It is in this document that the integration activities, action plans, reference models and more can be found. It will serve you throughout the program and as a reference and measurement document.


You have access to a private community of practice to share and discuss with your peers throughout your learning. The “collective brain” is a very powerful learning element!

Individual coaching

You can improve and personalize your training program at any time through individual coaching (virtual formula). All you have to do is book a time slot with one of our coaches directly on the online campus.

You have a question?

Consult the answers to frequently asked questions below or write to us at [email protected].

We know that this training can make a difference for you and your organization, however, if it does not correspond to the desired support, we will offer you, within 7 days of your registration, a full refund. If so, please write to us at info@o2coaching.

Upon registration, participants will have access to the online platform.

Our program is a course of 3 MODULES giving professionals time to appropriate their learning.

Module 1: It all starts with you – what kind of leadership do I exercise?

Deepen self-knowledge and the development of one's leadership, as HR professionals, considering that we are our first tool to support our manager and employee clients.

Module 2: Developing coaching skills to maximize your HR interventions

Increase the value of its interventions by using coaching tools in supporting its manager and employee clients.

Module 3: Transforming your posture and influencing your customers in their transformation

Use the concepts acquired by putting them into practice in a concrete way with the use of HR tools and transform the leadership of its manager and employee clients.

To ensure that you have fully integrated the learning and have the time to carry out the proposed exercises, it is recommended that you invest a minimum of one hour per week of your time.

You will be able, inside your platform, to consult the available time slots of the coaches and book your desired slots.

Each coaching session must be booked a minimum of 4 days before the desired date. If you cancel the time slot less than 48 hours before the event or if you do not show up for your virtual individual coaching session, it will still be counted as one of your 3 sessions to which the program gives you access. .

For any questions related to the program, write to us at [email protected].

For any questions regarding your individual coaching sessions, you can contact your coach by email from your first individual coaching session booked.

Véronique Desjardins

Talent and HR Consulting Assistant Director, Energir

"My PARH team and I have taken a step with o2Coaching in order to create a common vision of our role as business partners and to develop our coaching posture. Through training capsules, group and individual coaching, I have seen the members of my team transform. They have gained confidence and presence in their interventions. They have developed their ability to assert themselves gently, to have sensitive conversations, to give feedback. For some, the process was eye-opening, allowing them to grow and take more risks. The impact was felt on our team dynamics, creating more collaboration and consultation across team members. Thanks to our coaches Anik and Cloé, the team really enjoyed working with you and we would have taken more!''


Cécilia Antunes

Human Resources Director - Promutuel Horizon Ouest

"I had the privilege of collaborating with Anik who introduced me to the principles of the coaching approach in relation to my HR role. I appreciated the fact that Anik had a background in human resources and her humility. She guided me in my questions, both professional and personal, without ever making me feel judged. I came out of this coaching stronger and better able to support my management team. It was a great professional encounter for me. I therefore strongly recommend the services of O2 Coaching."

Shaniqua Elliot

Human Resources Manager,McDonalds

“I completed the Strategic HR Professional program and I'm very satisfied with my experience. I found concrete and applicable tools that had a direct impact on my professional and personal life. The training capsules, exercises and individual coaching allowed me to develop my confidence, to adapt my leadership, to listen with more depth and to use the coaching approach in my interactions with managers and colleagues."   

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