Podcast season 3 - Robert Dutton

podcasts Oct 15, 2021
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Podcast season 3 - Robert Dutton

Building a big business : the secrets of Robert Dutton, former CEO of Rona

(episode available in french)



An exceptional visionary, Robert Dutton, ex-CEO of Rona, entrusts his vision of a leadership where performance and people coexist. How can one keep people at the centre of one's concerns while building a real empire? Loyal to Rona for 35 years, Robert Dutton succeeded in boosting Rona's turnover from $400 million to close to $5 billion, while he was CEO, an amazing feat which very few leaders can boast of. Discover how this business leader knew to advocate for human values, respect his convictions, and lead a company to the top. You will gain much from listening to this thanks to his wise advice and unprecedented insights into this leader's driver of success.

 Special Guest 

Robert Dutton teaches at HEC Montréal. He is highly involved with the next generation in several MBA programs, as well as sitting on numerous Boards of Directors. He makes his vision a reality every day with the next generation of students. His autobiography, Mise a niveau, is available at bookstores.

Click here for all details of his career path.


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