The Empower your Team Movement: A panel discussion with industry experts | APRIL 22

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Our mission is to create a new generation of inspiring and inspired leaders by having a positive impact on the lives of 1,000,000 leaders, directly or indirectly.

We strongly believe that anyone can achieve their career goals by making some strategic changes in their mindset, attitude and behaviours. This is why our approach is to guide individuals and teams in their evolution, no matter the level in the organization.  

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From one organization to another, managers encounter similar challenges: motivating, empowering and engaging their team, on top of making sure they concentrate on the values they want to implement on the right strategic level. Are you encountering these challenges? Let us help you!

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Stakeholders, the ones who accompany the organization in the process of attaining their goals in various fields such as legal and financial, do it not solely thanks to their expertise but also thanks to their multi-angle vision. Their obstacles lay primarily within the difficulty of being perceived as strategic partners. Are you experiencing these difficulties? Let us help you!

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The main obstacles of HR professionals involve being recognized as a strategic player in front of their managers and executives and being able to bring forth their full value to the organization. Is this a challenge you experience? Let us equip you with the proper tools! 


Team Building

Become an efficient, effective and aligned team. Thanks to the work of our experts, teams greatly improve their ability to communicate and collaborate. Most importantly, they raise their game, to finally play at the right strategic level.

In group workshops, we create a climate conducive to real conversations, allowing the team to evolve and increase its effectiveness. These meetings also allow us to define a clear team vision and identify the behaviours to adopt in order to have the desired impact in the organization.


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Individual coaching

Be more strategic and launch your career. Conducting an individual coaching process will allow you to take time for yourself. This precious time will help you identify behavioural changes and actions to implement to increase your impact on your team and your organization.

As a result of individual coaching sessions, clients have increased their ability to coach their team members and delegate effectively, allowing them to play at the right strategic level. And of course, to position themselves to be ready to take on new challenges.

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Empower Your Team

"I highly recommend this guide to all leaders. Through a multitude of real-life examples, Cloé makes us realize the impact of our posture on our team. It shows us the power of its model and offers many tools to put into practice that will undoubtedly change the dynamics of your team.''

- Manon Brouillette, former President of Videotron, Advisor to Investment Funds and Corporate Director

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Discover the many resources made available to you by our experts, allowing you to discover new perspectives, deepen your knowledge and get advice on leadership development and team dynamics. 

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Explore the evolution of our clients

The goals achieved by our clients, thanks to our collaboration, are the reason why we are passionate about our work.  


André Boulianne, Senior Director, Information Security and Business Continuity

As the manager of a large team, André wanted to explore options for adapting his management approach to increase the commitment and mobilization of his team, which had experienced better results.


We opted for individual and tripartite coaching sessions in order to develop his ability to address the real issues with his team, to shift from his role as an expert to that of a coach, to develop his ability to delegate and to identify the behaviours to implement as a manager.


Today, André has changed his state of mind and has adapted his management approach to his team. He has developed his ability to give feedback which has allowed his team to demonstrate greater autonomy in the management of their projects.   

Sarah Leclerc, Executive Director, ViiV Healthcare

As leader of the management team, Sarah wanted to develop a common vision for her team to achieve their goals. She wanted each member to develop a more global view of the company and their team, rather than just being a representative of their department during management meetings.


In this context, we opted for a team coaching programme through which several group workshops were conducted over a period of one year. During these workshops, we aimed to create a climate of trust where the committee could have real discussions to identify how their mindset needed to change in order to achieve their goals.


Collaboration within the committee has greatly improved and they have been able to define a global vision together. Today, the Steering Committee is more united and solid, which facilitates decision-making and the achievement of the committee's objectives.

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HR professional

Valérie Mailhot, HR Business Partner, Solidarity Fund QFL

As an HR professional, the client wanted to develop her strategic posture in order to intervene earlier in files and be recognized as a key partner in achieving objectives.


We offered Valérie our blended training program, which includes individual coaching sessions, practical exercises and an online training program that mainly developed her posture as a strategic HR professional and her coaching skills with her clients.


Following the program, the client was able to adopt a coaching posture with her clients in order to make them think about the different possible strategies. Now, these clients call upon her expertise more often for strategic files.

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We are a passionate team, dedicated to providing oxygen to individuals, teams and businesses to help them reach their full potential. Together, our mission is to impact the lives of a million people. Click on our teachers to learn more.

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o2coaching is a passionate team, dedicated to providing oxygen to individuals, teams and companies in order for them to reach their full potential. Our clients recognize us as a results-oriented team: we lead with heart and value learning for every participant in our sessions. We work with market-leading companies both in Canada and internationally. 

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