Podcast (season 2): Episode 04 - When leading with the heart allows you to move forward with courage

May 11, 2021

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When is your leadership traditional and when is it adapted to the context of your organization? This episode is an invitation to change the established culture that leaders are in so they can go from a head-led leader (expert stance) to a contextual leader who integrates their hearts and courage. Discover how Nathalie Nasseri left her comfort zone for the good of her employees.


Special guest

Marketing Vice President at Bridor and A. Lassonde, Brand Manager at Molson and currently the General Manager at Bleu Lavande, these are just some of the high-level positions that Nathalie Nasseri has had. A hands-on, results oriented executive with over 15 years' experience in consumer-packaged goods specifically in B2B and B2C corporate strategies, planning, marketing, sales strategy, product and brand portfolio management, category management, market analysis and new market development. 


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