Podcast season 3 - Fady Dagher

podcasts Dec 03, 2021
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Podcast season 3 - Fady Dagher

Transforming the police : mission impossible?

(episode available in French)



Does participative leadership have a place in the police force? Yes, in some cases. Fady Dagher is on a crusade for his patrollers to improve their relationship with citizens. Speaking at Confessions of Leaders, he tells how his childhood in Ivory Coast, under the influence of his father of Lebanese origin, allowed him to listen to everyone, despite differences. Discover a vision for the future of policing where directive and collaborative leadership styles can co-exist.

Special Guest

Employee of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal for 23 years, Fady Dagher has held various positions in police stations, particularly at the corporate level. He has been the Longueuil police Chief since 2017. As a Quebecer originally  from Lebanon, he is very involved in the fight against racial and social profiling.

Click here for all details of his career path.

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