Podcast (season 2): Episode 02 - A clear vision leads to a bigger impact

Apr 27, 2021

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Regardless of company size, a shared vision is needed from the bottom to the top of the organization, both at the team and individual level. Anie Rouleau founded The Unscented Company 10 years ago with a clear vision and overall goal of being sustainable and staying true to yourself and your values. Anie explains how she did it and why it's relevant and important in our current climate.


Special guest

A Montrealer born to a business-oriented family, Baléco’s Founding CEO knows how to do business without compromising her values and convictions. Anie Rouleau strongly believes that a business’ social values are no obstacles to its profitability and financial viability. That is why she is a BCorp ambassador and giving conferences on this new business model. She also sits on different committees, including Made in Montreal. Women leadership and ethics being causes close to her heart, she is a mentor for young women in business.


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