Empower your Team

A Practical Guide for Strategic Leaders

Thanks to the tools, models, exercises and testimonies in her book, Cloé Caron, coach PCC allows you to autonomously start your evolution as a leader today. #empoweryourteam

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I highly recommend this guide to all leaders.

«On this beautiful Sunday, I’m currently savoring your book. Really, your content is magnificent, adapted to today's reality, easy to read and of constant interest.  »

 -Ruth Vachon, President-General DirectorRéseau des femmes d’affaires du Québec (RFAQ) 

Excellent book to become a better leader

«A glass of winea comfortable footrest and an excellent book to become a better leader. Because we also have to take care of ourselves. If you’re looking for an accessible read on leadership that will give you tricks that are easy to apply in your team, this book is for you. »

Mélanie Jacques, MBA, Legal Business Manager – Commercial Business at Hydro-Quebec 

Now available in many formats

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Get the first part free to confirm that this guide is for you. 

Ready to make the small but imperative changes to reach big results? 


If youre like most managers we know then you wish to positively impact your team and organization. You’ve undoubtedly read dozens of books on leadership. Nonetheless, your challenge remains applying the notions you’ve read on your daily life, right?  

That’s when Empower Your Team stands out! In this step-by-step guide, Cloé Caron shareher unique 5-step model(5C) on which you can rely on to become the best version of yourself. A guide for everyone, enabling the necessary changes (no matter how small) to take place to allow you to be the leader your team needs.  

In the following 24 hours after reading this book, you’ll elevate your game towards the highest strategic level possible, to empower your collaborators and your team so in return they can offer their full strategic contribution and continuously innovateYes, it’s possible! And Empower Your Team demonstrates it by allowing you to reach unexpected results. 

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About the Author

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Executive coach, president and founder of o2 Coaching, speaker and author, Cloé Caron has helped hundreds of leaders and their teams improve their strategic posture and team effectiveness.

«This book is the result of my experience as a strategic coach and a dozen interviews with CEOs and management team members from various industries. It offers food for thought, real-life experiences, real testimonials, evaluation tools, and exercises to support you in your day-to-day work and development. My objective is to encourage you to establish habits that will provide you and your team with tangible results.  »

Author's Biography


During the writing process of this book, the author obtained the perspective, vision and ways these successful leaders manage their team and organization. 

Grégoire Baillargeon, Managing Director and Co-Head, BMO Capital Markets

« You cannot change who you are as a leader, but you can expand on it. In her book, Cloé gives us the tools we need to get there and increase our team’s performance.  » 

Manon Brouillette ,VC & PE Advisor, Corporate Director, Former CEO 

« I highly recommend this guide to all leaders. Through a multitude of real-life examples, Cloé makes us realize the impact of our posture on our team. She demonstrates the power of her model and offers several tools to put into practice that will undoubtedly change the dynamics of your team. » 

Nicolas Gaudreau, Brand builder, C-level executive, corporate director

« For me, leaders need to get to know themselves, ask for help when looking for answers, and to be aware of the impact they have on others. This is exactly what Cloé shares in her book! » 


Sara Leclerc, Global Marketing Director

« Empower your Team is an excellent tool that companies should consider for their leaders to equip them for economic recovery and prioritize their efforts. The resources and examples provided will help mobilize teams towards the realization of objectives. »

Charles Guay, President & COO  | Board Member | YPO 

« I highly recommend this guide to all team leaders. Through a multitude of real-life examples, Cloé helps us understand that with small changes we can achieve great results. » 

Jan-Fryderyk Pleszczynski, Senior executive & Entrepreneur

 A key element that is addressed in the book and is very much in line with what I advocate as a leader is empathy.  Through this guide, you will discover the importance of developing it and the impact it can have on your team. »  

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