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Podcast : Episode 5 - The keys to adapt your communication for a better impact with Ève Laurier

podcasts Oct 15, 2020

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Have you ever heard of social styles? They allow us to learn about our own preferences as well as those of our colleagues and employees. How we communicate, perceive, appreciate, " assimilate " and react to information. Adjusting and adapting our communications to achieve the desired impact is a powerful tool! Communicating efficiently is crucial, especially since we regularly have to do so remotely. What is the key according to Eve Laurier? Authenticity is where it all starts!    

Guest resume 

Ève Laurier is an outstanding communicator, now Executive Director of Edelman Montreal, with more than 15 years of experience. She has accompanied many executives and companies in finding their voice, creating their story and connecting with their target audience in a meaningful way throughout her career. She understood early on in her career that communication, despite being crucial, was far from being innate for everyone, and that it had to be nurtured in order to convey the message in the right way. According to her, the best way to do this is to start by accepting that authenticity is our best communication tool.  

Find out more about her career path by clicking here. 

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