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Be more strategic and empower your career. Take a one-on-one coaching approach that will allow you to develop yourself. This valuable time will help you identify the required behavioural changes and actions to increase your impact on your team and your organization. 

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As a result of individual coaching sessions, clients have increased their ability to coach their team members, develop their strategic posture and delegate effectively, enabling them to play at the right strategic level. Clients were also better positioned to take on new challenges.

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Cloé Caron

President-Founder, executive coach, PCC

Cloé has had the opportunity to coach thousands of leaders in her 20 years of experience. Recognized for her expertise in leadership development, she accompanies leaders and their teams on a daily basis in order to change corporate cultures, and to foster the implementation of an inclusive leadership style, empowerment, diversity, innovation and mobilization.

Through her many experiences, she has developed a unique methodology, (5C) detailed in her book
Empower your team, which demonstrates that by making a few changes in behavior, attitude and mindset, individuals and teams can achieve powerful results and thus propel their leadership and their team. 

Through her podcast, conferences, programs and coaching sessions, she leads leaders to be the best version of themselves so they can become key players for their team and their organization. 


Testimonials for Cloé

Natalie Brown

Vice-présidente, Vice-President, Legal Affairs and Vice-President Human Resources, Fonds de solidarité FTQ

My experience with O2Coaching is excellent. Cloe is an expert in her field and an innovator in many ways. Her value add is undeniable. I will not hesitate to consult her to make sure my team continues to contribute to its highest potential.


Guy Darveau

CEO, Paris Glove Canada Ltd / New Wave Group

Last fall I started coaching sessions with Cloé Caron and her O2coaching team! Great experience and an update that did me a lot of good. Coaching is not just for future leaders! It is also for experienced leaders, you have to question yourself and adapt at all times. Cloé and her team understood what I was looking for and what I wanted to accomplish in my sessions. 
My management team was also involved in the process, everyone enjoyed their experience 
with O2 coaching. 
Cloé thank you to you and your great team! 

Chantal Doré

Principal Vice-President IT, Fonds de solidarité FTQ​

Thanks to Cloé's approach, I learned to question instead of say. Indeed, by asking questions and wondering why we do things, it helps us realize the impact we can have on our team and our organization as a leader. Therefore, it helps us to see the big picture and then we play at a high strategic level!

Testimonial video

Alexandre Prévost, Vice President and Business Leader - Global Business Aviation and Helicopter Training, CAE


Anik Desjardins

Professional coach, CRHA, ACC

After more than 20 years in human resources management and coaching leaders, teams and executive committees, and with more than 1,000 hours of coaching to her credit, Anik helps her coachees, among other things, to increase their awareness of their impact, to adapt their communication and leadership style to the context and to develop their strategic and leader-coach posture.  She distinguishes herself by her human, authentic and results-oriented approach, by her listening skills, her rigor, her strategic vision and her ability to challenge with kindness.


Testimonials for Anik

Julie Conway

Talent Manager, Fednav Limited 

I’ve had the pleasure of having Anik as my coach over the past few years. The impact of our coaching sessions has been invaluable to my growth as an HR professional. Anik has the ability to build a genuine connection, actively listen, and ask those questions that truly make you reflect and evolve. Anik’s supportive open approach has allowed me to strive to reach not only my professional but also my personal goals. Anik is a true coach who facilitates your growth, I cannot thank her enough! 

Nicolas Turgeon

P.Eng. M.Sc. EMBA, Director of Investment Quebec-CRIQ

It is with pleasure that I recommend Anik. It was a privilege to benefit from his individual and collective coaching with O2coaching. Anik is a listening coach, who welcomes us without judgment and immediately puts us in confidence. She knows how to stimulate reflections and exchanges that help us progress as a manager, as a team and as a person. Through the structured approach that took place over a period of 4 months, I was able to make changes in my approach that did not go unnoticed! Thank you Anik for your great generosity.

Charlotte Damour

PSPO, Product Manager, Digital Information Solutions at Desjardins

I carried out a coaching process with Anik which allowed me, in 4 months, to progress significantly as a manager and to implement concrete changes. With her approach, I was able to find my own answers and solutions to my challenges. It was very effective. Anik knew how to make me see new perspectives, with kindness, and I achieved the goal I had set for myself!


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