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Podcast: Episode 6 - Operating at our highest strategic level with Patricia Gauthier

podcasts Oct 21, 2020

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*Recorded on September 25 

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As the pandemic first hit, we saw many leaders adopt a more directive style, as the context demanded quick action and difficult decisions. Now, it is important to return to a more democratic, visionary and coaching style in order to engage and (re-) motivate your team. How do you do this? By playing at your highest strategic level, namely through your Unique Strategic Contribution! We discuss this with Patricia Gauthier to find out when she made the "swift" shift in her mindset - her leadership style - and what the impact was!

Guest resume 

Patricia Gauthier is head of the Vaccines Business Unit at GSK Canada. Her role is therefore critical in the current crisis we are experiencing. She demonstrates an ability to work in very complex environments and make the most of it for her own development and that of her team.

Discover her complete profile by clicking here.

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