Podcast season 3 - Special Episode - Mélanie Ghanimé

podcasts Nov 23, 2021

Confessions of Leaders : Leadership

(Hosted by : Mélanie Ghanimé | Guest : Cloé Caron)

(episode available in FRENCH)

 Listen this episode on YouTube : https://youtu.be/LMsXtf30SN8


Special episode | Cloé Caron meets the comedian Mélanie Ghanimé, who is interested in everything directly or indirectly related to personal development in the podcast "Mélanie consulte!". Cloé surprises her interlocutor from the outset by arguing that leadership requires self-awareness. Thanks to several concepts presented in her book “Empower your Team”, Cloé shows Mélanie how you can become a better leader on a daily basis.

The Host

Mélanie Ghaminé is a charismatic comedian with disarming spontaneity. Strong in introspection and humor, she draws a large part of her inspiration from the observation and understanding of human behaviors. In her podcast “Mélanie Consulte!”, the comedian meets specialists of all kinds and shows great curiosity. "Mélanie Consulte!" turns out to be halfway between a real consultation and an interview.

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