Improve team effectiveness and develop a culture of accountability 

Facilitated by Cloé Caron, executive coach and author of the guide Empower Your Team, the objective of this mastermind group is to initiate a discussion on the key elements that will allow your team to commit to common objectives (vision, mission, performance indicators, team standards).

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Upcoming group : March 23, 2021

This group is for me if :

II am a manager, a leader, or a team leader who needs his or her team to be more effective and engaged in order to better achieve the set objectives.

What I am going to develop :

The effectiveness of a team depends greatly on the direction provided by its leader. I will therefore have to reflect on a clear vision for my team. Is it motivating? Is it understood by all? Are we following the right performance indicators? What are our team standards? Do we have a climate of trust where real conversations are encouraged? This reflection, done individually and in groups, will allow me to identify the behaviours to adopt or modify in order to improve the effectiveness of my team and contribute to a culture of accountability within my organization.

What I will do with these learnings: 

I will leave with a clear picture of what needs to be put in place - whether it is the vision, team standards, or performance indicators to be monitored - in order to be the leader my team needs to move in the right direction and deliver the expected results.


Places are limited. Maximum 20 participants.

Cost : 200$ CAD + tx

The price includes the digital book "Empower your Team" as well as free access to our online resources.

Length : 90 minutes

Hours : 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Upcoming group:

  • Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Language : English

See the calendar in French here

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My journey

included in this masterclass


The book Empower Your Team is free to all participants. Although reading is optional, the topics covered will be discussed in groups.


In a development mindset optimized by experience sharing, you will participate in a 90-minute mastermind, virtually - facilitated by Cloé Caron, PCC Coach, author and speaker.

Free Ressources

We offer you free access to our online platform in order to continue your learning on the different topics discussed in this mastermind.

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Heart Throb

“The USC is most likely my favorite thing about the year 2020. Probably the concept that makes us realize so clearly why leaders have difficulty raising their strategic level in order to achieve their goals as leaders but also to develop their team. A great discovery! »

- Virginie Leduc

Powerful and revealing concept

"As soon as cloé explained to me the concept of the Unique Strategic Contribution (USC), I knew that it would be important for all members of my team to identify their own USC, because in my opinion it is the strongest lever to create the impact we really want to create. »

- Sébastien

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Are you at a stage, in your role as a manager, where you need concrete tools to focus on the small changes that will make all the difference in the effectiveness of your team? Our Empower Your Team program, focused on developing your strategic posture and coaching skills, is the program you need!

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Upcoming group :

  • Tuesday, March 23, 2021

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