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Empower Your Team

Cloé Caron

An experienced coach, founding president of o2 Coaching, speaker and author, she has helped hundreds of leaders and their teams improve their strategic posture and team dynamics.

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Cloé is a seasoned entrepreneur whose determination is fuelled by a passion to help, inspire and develop individuals.

Trained as a lawyer, she quickly felt that she wasn't where she should be when she was practicing this profession. So she tried other avenues before launching her business. For about ten years, she held several management positions in the pharmaceutical field. During those years, it was thanks to one of her mentors that she realized the impact that a manager could and should have on her team. In 2014, after developing herself as a manager-coach, she started her own business as an executive coach and then created her own company, o2 Coaching.

Today, o2 Coaching is a growing company that accompanies more than a hundred clients per year and has more than 6 employees and collaborators. Driven by a human approach to entrepreneurship, Cloé definitely wants to see her company grow, but not at any price. One of its priorities is the well-being of its team and that each of its members be able to fulfill themselves. According to her, a collaborator who grows and fulfills himself is the key to the evolution and realization of great common projects! She is not in a hurry, but you will certainly see o2 Coaching develop and surprise you in the coming years.

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Committed leader

Cloé is a committed leader who is involved in her community. Women and children's causes are particularly close to her heart. In fact, she is the president of the St-Clément Foundation, whose mission is to raise funds to enable young people in three public schools in Mount Royal to obtain school equipment, facilities and specialized professionals to help them succeed.    

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"I think every organization needs someone like Cloé. ''

- Ariane, Marketing Director 

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As a speaker, Cloé wishes to create a moment of real life sharing of the knowledge she has acquired with others. Her presence and charisma make Cloé an exceptional speaker. This is why many companies approach her to inspire their leaders to make the changes necessary to achieve a culture where accountability and results are present at all levels.

In her new conference, she delivers on one of the central themes of her book, the importance of the Unique Strategic Contribution (USC) that enables leaders and their teams to evolve their mindset to play at the highest strategic level.


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My coaching sessions with Cloé have allowed me to achieve even greater results than I had hoped to achieve by doing business with a coach. 

- Melissa
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In becoming an author, her greatest wish was to inspire, equip and have more impact.

In her first book, Cloé decided to share, in writing, her tools and models to help individuals and teams develop and make the necessary changes. This practical guide is intended for leaders who have the mandate or the will to improve their strategic posture or team dynamics.

Several collaborators from the business community have contributed to the book, strongly believing that Cloé's method can bring about real and lasting changes in organizations, making it a unique work. And it may only be the first, but it will definitely not be the last!

"I highly recommend this guide to all leaders. Through a multitude of real-life examples, Cloé makes us realize the impact of our posture on our team. It shows us the power of its model and offers many tools to put into practice that will undoubtedly change the dynamics of your team. ''

- Manon Brouillette, former President of Videotron, Advisor to Investment Funds and Corporate Director

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"You're looking for someone who can take you to the 'other level.'" Someone who will accompany you so that you can play the most strategic role possible in your career. Cloé is THE person you are looking for.''

- Mélanie, Head of Legal Affairs


PCC certified coach

Cloé radiates a powerful, transformative and composed energy. As soon as we meet her, we know she will have an impact on us. And we quickly discover that her approach is based on a real human-to-human connection. All you have to do is tell her your name once and you can be sure that she will remember it. In fact, it is by truly connecting with others that she is able to bring them into the right frame of mind to make the changes necessary for their success.

Executive Coach

Cloé has recognized expertise in supporting executive leaders and their teams to develop their strategic posture and team dynamics. Through her many experiences, she has realized that with a few changes in behaviour, attitude and state of mind, individuals and teams can achieve results they never thought they could achieve. She therefore leads leaders to be the best version of themselves to enable them to be the manager their team needs. 

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Her coaching method is based on his 20 years of management experience and over 2,000 hours of coaching. For Cloé, the most important thing is not to transform, but to evolve. So she takes leaders or the team where they are, right now, and takes them where they need to go. Above all, she accompanies her clients and equips them so that the results are sustainable over time.

Executive Leaders Coaching

Cloé's expertise is in helping executive leaders reach their full potential by helping them get to know themselves and their mindset better, to become the best version of themselves, and most importantly, to create the impact they want to have.

Executive team coaching

Cloé also accompanies executive teams to enable them to put in place the winning conditions to improve their team dynamics and thus more easily achieve results that were previously difficult to achieve.


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Following her coaching sessions: 

  • Management committees have increased their decision-making efficiency and found their own effective way of operating

  • Presidents have increased their ability to lead their organizations, resulting in increased revenues and employee engagement.

  • Executives have increased their coaching skills, thereby strengthening the accountability of their teams.

  • Women leaders have amplified their impact within their company, their environment and the market.

  • Professionals have achieved their desired results, such as a promotion, by making simple and precise changes in mindset, attitude and behaviour.

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Media and Conference Request

For media inquiries, interview requests or conferences, please contact Mireille Tarcha : 

Telephone : 1 833-571-2121

Email : [email protected]

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