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Empower Your Team


Experience the power of our conferences and workshops, enabling leaders and their teams to create the impact they really want to have.

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Inspired by Cloé Caron's book, our conferences and workshops allow all leaders to develop their strategic posture and team dynamics. We suggest that you start the experience with the conference on USC, the central theme of the book. This conference can be combined with complementary workshops that will allow you to further your approach. 

Unique Strategic Contribution

A powerful and revealing concept

In a participative setting, Cloé Caron, executive coach, will help you discover the exceptional power of the Unique Strategic Contribution (USC). This unique concept, discussed in her book, will allow you to shift your mindset in order to direct your attention and energies to the goals that really matter. It sounds simple, but it takes courage to become the leader your team needs. A team needs a leader who provides leadership, develops people, manages and directs performance. You need to play the game at the highest strategic level possible. Everything else must be delegated, even if you have the expertise to do it. During our interventions, participants will be invited to ask themselves the real questions, ones we scarcely take time to ask ourselves, but make all the difference. Once your USC is defined, we will make commitments together to ensure that the vast majority of your intentions and attention will be devoted to it. 

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Empower Your Team

In this practical guide, Cloé Caron delivers its unique model to help teams and leaders reach their full potential in organizations by changing their team dynamics.  


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«« I highly recommend this guide to all leaders. Through a multitude of real-life examples, Cloé makes us realize the impact of our posture on our team. » 


- Manon Brouillette, ex-présidente de Vidéotron

Covered topics

In our conferences and workshops, the themes covered are taken from the book - Empower Your Team - and have been successfully put into practice with hundreds of leaders and teams. 

As a conference

Unique Strategic Contribution

This is what we should be focusing on to create the impact we want to have in our organization. At the conference, we will explain the concept to help you define your own USC and how to make sure you give it your full attention and energy.

Decision Pyramid

To achieve your USC, you have to play at the right strategic level, and to do so, you have to be able to delegate. We will therefore address the concept of the Decision Pyramid to help you always play at the right level.

Leadership Styles

To help you keep your focus on your USC, we will equip you to develop two styles of leadership that are particularly useful in achieving this, the visionary leader and the leader coach.

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« Dès que Cloé m'a expliqué le concept de Contribution Stratégique Unique (CSU), j'ai su qu'il serait important que tous les membres de mon équipe identifient leur propre CSU, car c'est selon moi le levier le plus fort pour créer l'impact qu'on veut réellement créer. »

          - Sébastien

As a workshop

In addition to the conference topics, we will work on different themes (depending on your needs), such as :

  • Strategic posture
  • The coach's posture
  • Difficult conversations
  • Courage
  • Vulnerability
  • Mindfulness
  • Empathy
  • Confidence
  • The ego
  • Communication styles
  • Team dynamics
  • Conditions for success
  • Culture
  • Change management


"Through its concept of Unique Strategic Contribution (USC), Cloé made me realize that I had to let go of some tasks that I continued to do more out of "legacy" than out of real necessity. Now that my team members are available to take care of such tasks, as a leader, I have to allow them space and focus on the more strategic part of my role as VP. »

- Mario



Following the conference, participants will be able to : 

Focus on long-term strategic planning

By taking the time to define or redefine your vision and related performance indicators to measure whether you are achieving your goals.

Allow their team to focus on what will make a difference.à

Determining your USC also allows others to determine theirs and even determine your team's USC, allowing everyone to focus on what will really make a difference.

Develop the autonomy of their team

By acting as a coach, you will be able to make your team members more autonomous, which will allow you to stay at a more strategic level. To achieve this, you will need to practice delegation.

Develop a culture of accountability within their team

By developing the team's autonomy and by distributing the decisions made at each level of the company, you will develop a culture of accountability that will allow you to increase your team's performance.


Take action

Make a request to organize a private conference or a workshop in your organization, board of directors or business circle.



Length : 60 minutes

Perfect for a happy hour with collaborators, in "lunch & learn" format with your employees or for a unique corporate event.

  • Participatory conference
  • A book (PDF format) for each participant
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1/2 day

This option allows all participants to develop as a leader, going through different themes, in addition to experiencing the power of their USC.

  • Participatory Conference
  • Thematic workshops (as required)
  • A book (PDF format) for each participant
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1 day

One day experience to identify the USC of your team and that of each of its members. This option allows you to improve the efficiency and performance of a team.

  • Participatory conference
  • Thematic workshops in teams
  • A book (PDF format) for each participant
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The speaker

Cloé Caron

Passionate, authentic and business-oriented. Her primary mission is to create impact. As a speaker, Cloé wishes to create a moment of real sharing from human to human, by sharing the knowledge she has acquired with others. Her presence and charisma make Cloé an exceptional speaker. This is why many companies approach her to inspire their leaders to make the changes necessary to achieve a culture where accountability and results are present at all levels.  

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