What does fear have to do with leadership and managing a team?

author : cloé caron Apr 27, 2020

To say we are living in uncertain times is a massive understatement. Every day, we feed ourselves with the news and we worry more and more and we let the fear get the best of us. We are scared of the economy, we are scared of not being in control, and now we are even scared of each other. 

Don’t get me wrong, fear is a natural human instinct. It’s our 2-million-year-old brain that is designed to protect ourselves in the moment, for the sake of survival. It’s always looking for what’s wrong, so you can fight, run away from threat, or freeze. But if you always operate from fear, you’re going to be constantly fighting, running away, or stopping and putting your life on hold. And that is no way to live. 

The word FEAR itself is a reminder that it is a perception, not the truth: 

  • FALSE 
  • REAL 

An invitation to Face Everything And Rise

I’m not saying that we don’t need to be careful, don’t adapt to the new reality. We must, but what if this FEAR we are experimenting is an invitation to Face Everything And Rise instead of Forgetting Everything And Run? 

You do (or did it) every day! As you take your car and drive, you showcase a lot of faith. 1.4 million people will die in car accidents each year around the world. That's more than 3,200 a day. 

What if life itself was more an experience of faith rather than fear, even these days? What if what is going on is more a message of coming together and really connecting with others at a deeper level than of distancing.  What if in the latter we found connection and not loneliness? By the way, I invite you to notice the power of ‘What ifs’.  It gets us out of our funk into the world of possibilities. 

New pathways so you can achieve your goals

That is my main mission as a coach, to allow you to get out of your habitual tracks and create new pathways so you can achieve your goals. 

What if faith was already in you? What if rather than force it and making yourself believe in it, you just had to allow it to surface and surrender to the flow of life?  We all have that knowing inside of us at our core that we're more than anything we will ever face, and we can handle whatever life brings us. We always have and always will. That is the power of human beings. 

And try to have faith and fear at the same time – it’s impossible. You need to choose to which you will rent your mental and emotional space.  Wouldn’t you rather have a tenant that helps you make the place nice with positive design that opens up to a world of possibilities rather than call you to tell you ‘'the toilet is broken again'’?   

The beauty with life is that it evolves, changes. A situation, even the worst one, doesn’t last forever.  This too, will pass. And so we all have a choice to live this moment, be it difficult, in a state of fear or in a state of faith. 

I have experienced both in the past weeks. But the proportion of my time spent in faith has increased and funny enough, I am more able to notice all that is working in my favor, favor of my family, my friends, my team, my neighbors, etc.  And like many of you who are reading this blog, I am privileged. And all of us alive are – because when there is life, there can be faith. 

So regardless of what's happening around you, there is a part of you that’s strong. Call on that part of you. The part of you that’s hungry. The part of you that is courageous in the face of unfathomable fear. The part of you that won’t put up with excuses, smallness and bullshit. Call that part of you forth – call that part of you to step up to become what you were MADE for. 

Remember, even in the worst circumstances, life is happening For you not To you. 

Leading from a place of Faith and Trust 

Be a leader, a true leader. Leading from that place of faith, trust and compassion. Not a place of fear. 

What’s the difference? 

Leading from a place of Faith and Trust 

Leading from a place of Fear 

Leaders tap into the full effort and passion of their employees, knowing employees do the best they can within their own circumstances. 

Leaders think they need to see their employees do the work in order to maintain their performance level. 

Leaders nurture a climate of innovation (well needed in the circumstances), allowing their team to take risks and making themselves vulnerable. 

Leaders limit all risks and refrain from being vulnerable themselves – they stick to what they know.  

As leaders, we are dealers of hope as The football legend Rosey Grier said.  

It’s our job as leaders to foster that hope and support our employees in their growth – even in these times. 

Leaders are solely focused on results. 

Leaders make their team feel how important their contribution is to the organization’s mission and employees feel competent, confident and that tremendous amount of self-worth can lead employees do their best and demonstrate commitment and make meaningful contributions. 

Leaders don’t take the time to share and explain the vision of the organization nor does take the time to discuss the team’s vision and how each team member’s work contribute to its success. 

Leaders empower and challenge their team allowing them to be accountable for results, knowing the place and time the work is being done has very little impact in most cases – as this situational just the right level.  

Leaders are very directive and control the process of how things are being done. 

Leaders earn faith from their team by having empathy for the circumstances of others and commit to improving those circumstances within their control. 

Leaders do not take account for the circumstances and the impact on their team’s personal life and move forward expecting everyone to fallow. 


And so, as this will pass too, like all things. I invite you to use this time as efficiently as you can to be and become the leader that you need to be.  

And as you do, I’m here for you.  

In the meantime, I’ve challenged my team and myself – just as I challenge you in our work together – to use this time to add massive value and provide you with as many flexible options as possible for continued growth.  

As always, I invite you to be inspired and to inspire! 

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