I need you...to propel women's leadership!

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2023

By Cloé Caron

To Dare: To have the courage to do something difficult regardless of obstacles. 

This year, I Dare to coach/support 1 million women across the world. It really scares me to write these words, it's so crazy. But committing myself, I know, will force me to find ways to get there. Certainly, I will definitely need your help.  

For more than 20 years now, I have been investing myself in supporting women to make changes in mindset that allow them to dare to express, with confidence, their full potential and to assume a redefined leadership. Growing up, and at the beginning of my career, I often felt that I lacked inspiring female role models, which made me feel rather alone facing my professional future. You would think that today everything has changed... Yet, less than 24% of board positions are held by women. In 2023, I am investing in women by offering them concrete tools to transcend the impostor syndrome and the myth of perfection, make their voices heard, build their village and invest in them, in their development. I will also be the voice of inspiring female role models, women who, every day, are paving the way for us. 

And you? How will you Dare?

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