5 tips for your remote-working team to be effective

At o2 Coaching, the whole team works remotely, in normal circumstances. A situation like Covid-19 therefore has a slightly less impact on our work organisation. Then, in order to share what we have learned about how to be productive and committed in this type of environment, we decided to collect all our tips to help teams be effective while remote-working.


1- Use online tools that will make your job easier

At o2, we use the microsoft Teams tool to ensure smooth communication between all team members. This tool also allows us to avoid sending emails to our colleagues for a quick question. We therefore no longer keep e-mails for longer topics or for approvals.

For our team meetings, we use Zoom, which allows us to meet with several people, as if we were all together, thanks to videoconferencing.

For document sharing, we use SharePoint, which allows us to all work on the same document at the same time, so we don’t have to “time” ourselves as to who is in the...

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