Why is mindfulness essential in a management team?

author: cloé caron Mar 25, 2020

Often our focus in an organization is on results, so we are under pressure to be productive at all times. This often prevents us from taking the time to think about the added value we want to bring. In this context, as a management team, we may have the reflex to focus more on what needs to be accomplished and less on who we need to be as leaders. The danger of this pressure is that we stop noticing, listening and being at our best. Do you have the impression on your executive committee that you are more focused on “DOING”, i.e. on the tasks to be accomplished on a daily basis rather than on “BEING”, i.e. on your added value in the organization? I ask you this question because this time to stop and think is essential and definitely has an impact on the quality of our conversations, our interventions, our decisions, our relationships and our performance. This is what makes the difference between “having a full head” and “being fully...

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