Audio exercise: What keeps you from entering the arena, from being vulnerable?

tools May 01, 2020

The Arena exercise is frequently used in our coaching sessions when accompanying a team, to make each member aware of how they act when they are at their best. By conducting the exercise, we allow the team to explore new perspectives and challenge themselves. 

In the Arena you : 

  • Are at your best
  • Are available, present, open
  • Dare to have difficult conversations
  • Give feedback and ask for it
  • Wish to learn and develop
  • Provide support and challenges to your employees
  • Coach - not dictate
  • Live the organization's values and contribute to its success

From outside the Arena, you :  

  • Are reactive, your focus is on our own objectives and tasks
  • Are passive
  • Play the victim
  • Are afraid and anxious
  • Deliberate excessively
  • Are in autopilot mode
  • Seek permission to act
  • Stay under the radar without taking risks
  • Stay in your comfort zone
  • Avoid potential conflicts
  • Do not give or receive feedback

Listen to our audio exercise Being in the Arena


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