Are you leveraging the collective intelligence of your team?

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2022

By Cloé Caron

Whether it is during your team meetings, your management committees or your board meetings, how can you know that you are really leveraging the collective intelligence of the group? I suggest that you answer the following questions by referring to the committee or council of your choice. 


1.You spend more time in presentation/informative mode than in discussion/ideation. 

2.You find that your employees are not participating enough. 

3.You often end your meetings feeling like you ran out of time or things aren't going as planned. 

4.Meetings are boring and there are things left unsaid. 

5.You feel like a cheerleader when hosting 

If you answered TRUE to more than 3 questions, I confirm that you make little use of the collective intelligence of your team. Collective intelligence results from the quality of interactions between people. It is so rich that it allows you to multiply ideas rather than simply add them! 

It is an art to contribute to a meeting to generate participation, to create rich exchanges of ideas and to advance complex business issues and challenges. It is an art that develops. 

I had the chance to chat with Chantal Doré, Senior Vice-President IT at the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, who shares with us the tips and tools she uses to stimulate collective intelligence during her meetings. She also talks about how our One Team coaching with her and her team helped bring her meetings to another level. Chantal is very inspiring! 

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